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FIELD_N_SALON Online Exhibition
Current group exhibition, displaying 3D virtual sculptures.
(May 2022-Present).



FIELD_N_SALON Exhibition Event
Group VR exhibition, displaying 3D virtual sculptures in virtual reality environments.
(30th May 2022).

Exhibition Images

Preview video simulation of VR exhibition, displaying virtual sculptures and digitalised nature (to be viewed through a VR headset).

Group exhibition, curated and contains the works by Isabella Atkinson-Bradbury, Abbi Pinnock, Chole Waning, Fin Sales and Marnie O’Shea. With themes of identity, the body, mental health, childhood, and domesticity, we explore the intimate areas of these artists through a variety of mediums. The exhibit is an interactive bedroom, inviting visitors to inhabit the space to connect with the personal works of the artists, creating a collaborative performance.
(January 2022).

'OPEN STUDIO' Exhibition
At Central Saint Martins.
(March 2022).

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