In watching many of David Lynch’s film masterpieces, including ‘Eraserhead’ and ‘Blue Velvet’, the themes of the obscure and evil are displayed in experimental uses of time frames, flickering reoccurring images and soundscapes. There is an overall dark atmosphere which unsettles the viewer, creating a space for the tabooed and unimaginable to be presented.

I have investigated this use of the moving image and cinematography within David Lynch’s films to build on an earlier project called ‘Transposition’. In this, I explored being frozen in an unsettling state of change. I produced a shoot of people claustrophobically wrapped in plastic on black and white film, experimented creating samples of textual materials and created a short film. I have used this short film as a starting point.

I aimed to convey atmospheric body horror imagery, that display abstracted and distorted body forms. Conveying anxieties causes the videos to become frantic and restless. With the influence of David lynch, I have investigated the effect of surrealistic dream-like sequences within the art. I have explored how the body can be presented in many different ways, such as creating overlaid videos, prints from shoots or film stills and exploring a wider range of materials to create surreal body forms, achieved in ‘Eraserhead’. I needed to gain more knowledge about using technical resources such as video editing software such as Adobe After Effects, Photoshop etc. to achieve the investigative video works I aimed to create within this project.

I have researched films such as David Lynch’s, Mark Leckey’s use of video collages and cinematography from Hickock’s ‘Psycho’. I have also taken inspiration from artists which are manipulating images of figures and creating dream-like surrealist atmospheres in paintings, drawings and moving image such as Michael Armitage and Marta Klara Sadowska. 

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'Body Horror' (short film): Developed from multiple digitally edited photography/film photography trials by experimenting with video media, editing and audio (and is still a work in progress). This short film explores discomforting imagery through video collage, expressing abstracted and distorted body forms and creating a dream-like surrealist atmosphere.. The audio explores bodily sounds, along with distorted voices. This is to convey bodily repulsiveness, causing the video to become frantic and restless. Inspiration from Pipilotti Rist's video art, Mark Leckey's use of video collage (as seen recently at Tate Britain) and David Lynch's films such as 'Eraserhead’. 



FINAL DIGITAL OVERLAY IMAGES: Combining fruit and organic materials with figurative body images from 'Shoot 1' and 'Shoot 2'.

DISTORTION IMAGES: Editing perspectives with fruit, organic materials and figurative body images. Applied artist's inflence- Pipilotti Rist.